Guitar Strap

  • £60.00

A Guitar Strap to last a life time!

-Limited edition of 12

-Handmade from retired climbing rope with leather and vegan leather tabs.

We're super excited to bring you these special guitar straps made in collaboration with Sheffield's very own Shoe Makers, Noble and Wylie.
We share N&W's commitment to sustainable design and creating beautiful, desirable products from high quality materials, that are fully repairable and truly made to last.

The Collab
After a trip down memory lane to the Shoe makers that Scavenger's founder Natalia remembers from her childhood the idea to create a product using leather and rope was born. Natalia remembers passing by the shoe makers every weekend on the way to get a penny mix from the newsagents next door and peering into through the window mesmerized by all the machinery and beautiful footwear. It's amazing to think that it's the very same workshop bringing you these unique straps today, we hope to work on more collabs in the future watch this space!

Noble and Wylie
When not being distracting by us Scavengers, Noble and Wylie make sustainable footwear for the ethical conscious consumer. With a strong environmental conscience, core design values, and wealth of experience, founder and shoemaker Kenneth runs a workshop true to his ethics.

Check out their beautiful foot wear...

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