About Us

We take retired climbing rope and outdoor gear and hand make it in to something new!

Scavenger was born from the idea that through creativity, hard work and passion, we can help to reduce our environmental impact and the amount of waste we unnecessarily create in the world, while still having beautiful, functional things we really want!
From our workshop in Sheffield, that’s what we live for. We take retired materials from the outdoor industry that were destined for landfill and create something new; hand-made, zero waste, no landfill.

But it takes a collection of individuals to nurture a movement…
Every part of the item you are looking at now has been part of a community effort to create less waste in the world, Scavenger products really have been on quite the journey!
It starts with people who thrive in nature, eventually the kit they use, that they adventured with and loved, must be replaced. At that point, rather than throw away these often sentimental items, they choose to keep them alive through Scavenger, by donating them via our collection points in climbing centres around the country… They choose to give them a new life.

Then the journey passes to our friends that kindly bring those collected materials back to the workshop while on their way back from trips, family visits, and all the other reasons people travel, so that those materials can begin their transformation with the least carbon footprint possible.

Finally, it’s to our passionate makers who carefully inspect, allocate and prepare the materials for use, then lovingly hand-make them into what you see before you. A true community effort, and a testimony to what we can all do with care, creativity and passion.
So why not join in? It’s a collection of individuals that drives us towards a better world, and our door is always open to you if you would like to be a part of it.