Artist Prints

In support of a community build project in Masama Village we're offering these beautiful prints by artist and volunteer Emma Scott to raise funds for the build. 
All proceeds go to the project, read all about it below...


About the Project

"My name is Emma and in November I will be going to build a school extension in Masama Village, Sierra Leone. This will be with the Kambia District Foundation  and the CAUKIN team.

The village has been severely affected by Ebola outbreaks and devastating floods and landslides in 2017. So we'll be working to extend the school, building with them an outdoor learning and play facility to provide the village and it's young people with some relief, education and fun!

We'll be working to deliver a playful and resourceful build project - closely knit with the community and ensuring use of local materials.

All donation money goes toward; 
- Material costs, home stays/food and tool costs -  (I will be paying for my own flights/transport!) Any money not used in the project I will be donating to shelterbox . (who supply survival boxes/shelter/tools to those going through crisis's and natural disasters).

Thank you so much for your help!"

Follow Emma:  @adara.scott   

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